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What is an offset mortgage?

An offset mortgage is a loan that works like a checking account. It is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional mortgage as it that allows funds deposited in the checking account to “Offset” the balance of your home loan, significantly reducing the amount of interest accruing daily.

This Offset mortgage loan provides borrowers with the flexibility to use their income dollars to drastically reduce their mortgage interest costs, without requiring them to change their budget or lifestyle.

It is a first lien position, a 30-year open-ended mortgage (HELOC) tied with an embedded transactional sweep-checking account.

Each loan showcases banking access features including online bill-pay management direct payroll deposit, ACH transferring, ATM-VISA POS cards, personal checks, digital money transferring (wire), automatic bill-pay, mobile check imaging deposits, and all the features of traditional checking accounts.

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Unlike traditional fixed mortgages, interest is not loaded upfront, saving an astonishing amount of money on mortgage interest through the life of the loan.
  • Equity can be built 3-4 times faster than a basic 30 yr. mortgage.
  • Equity can be leveraged at any time, giving you more money for other investments!
  • This loan can give the ability to pay off your home twice as fast without any changes to your spending and without budgeting.
  • Helps pay off your home faster making it easier to retire.
  • Allows access to the equity in your home for 30 years without refinancing. You will never have to refinance again.
  • Freedom to pay minimum interest-only payments when needed.
  • Achieve financial freedom and escape mortgage debt.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of property/occupancy qualifies for the "all-in-one" or offset mortgage?

  • 1-4 unit residential properties
  • Owner occupied
  • Investment or second home
  • Purchase or refinance


What is the draw period?

30-year draw period

What comes with the checking account?

The checking account comes with all the features you are already accustomed to including direct deposit, mobile banking, ATM, debit card for point of sale access and more. You receive a complete checking account with customer service agents you can rely on to answer any questions about your account.

Why is this not a more widely used mortgage product?

The product is common in other countries such as Australia, Canada, and much of western Europe. Traditional mortgage lenders see the product as a threat to their loans that are loaded with upfront interest, it also requires more client education.

Who will service the loan?

The loan is serviced by one of our three respected bank partners. The bank is determined by the type of loan needed by the borrower.

What index is used

The One-Year Treasury Constant Maturity Rate (CMT) controlled by the federal reserve.

Is the interest rate fixed?

This is not a fixed rate mortgage, as the all in one all-in-one mortgage offers a variety of loan options; monthly adjustable, three year fixed rate, and five year fixed rate – these options are specified by the occupancy of the home.

What is the benefit to the bank in offering this revolutionary product?

This loan has proven to be low risk compared to traditional mortgages. These depository banks goal is to attract new customers and develop long lasting relationships.