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About Greenkey Financial

Created for originators by originators, GreenKey Mortgage was built for you!  Welcome home.

The Greenkey Difference

GreenKey Mortgage is an emerging net branch mortgage company offering experienced Originating Partners (Loan Officers) a boutique-style approach to net branching.  The GreenKey Mortgage family includes a multitude of lending options and programs through curated wholesale lenders and via its own variety of correspondent lending options.  The company’s promise ensures compliant licensing status, experienced processing options, online tools, back-end support, marketing opportunities, and quick payment turnaround with low fees and a hands-off approach that enables its Originating Partners to remain entrepreneurial.

GreenKey Mortgage offers eligible Originating Partners the opportunity to be their own boss without the high-risk cost and stress of meeting and complying with steep brokerage requirements and the limitations associated with representing only one lender.  As a member of the GreenKey Mortgage family, you will operate as an extension of our headquarters and KEEP 100% of your commission on every deal*!  Furthermore, you will have flexibility with multiple lender options, help us choose the best lenders to do business with and, when accessing loans through our proprietary correspondent lines, get to choose your own commission earnings!

*GreenKey Mortgage charges a low, per-transaction fee.


Not all mortgage branch (mortgage branch) opportunities are the same!  A mortgage branch can be a department within a large lender hiring loan originators or, in the case of GreenKey Mortgage, a self-sufficient, entrepreneurial extension of our corporate brokerage with the flexibility of doing loans with a myriad of different lenders and institutions in a variety of states.   As a branch (Origination Partner) with GreenKey Mortgage we believe that YOU know your client and their needs best.  Therefore, you will have the autonomy to independently work with the GreenKey Mortgage approved lender and processor of your choice AND you will keep 100% of your commissions in exchange for a small origination fee.

Having been in the mortgage industry on both the wholesale and retail side for a combined total of 35+ years, the management of GreenKey Mortgage has put together the best of all worlds so that its Origination Partners can have the most amount of independence possible WITHOUT fear of losing back-end support from its corporate broker.  By starting with a choice group of new and experienced branches, GreenKey Mortgage encourages all of its partners to be a contributing part of its family by working FOR them rather than as a corporate beast.  We want to know what you want—-what lenders, what states, what products and what processors.  Then, we will go to work to ensure that your needs are met.  When you become part of the GreenKey Family you will see that we are a team who works together and in each other best interests.  When you are happy, we are happy and everybody wins!

For a very low origination fee per loan your branch will be able to operate as an extension of our corporate offices, do its own lead generation and help dictate which lenders and states you’d like to see GreenKey work with while enjoying quick payment turnaround, unprecedented back-end support and the ability to keep more of your hard-earned income!  You hold the keys to your own castle by having the ability to choose from our available lenders and programs independently so that your clients get exactly what they need from you.



  1. We are a company created by loan originators FOR loan originators.  We have been in your shoes.  In fact, unlike most corporate branch banks and brokerages, we are still involved in the day-to-day loan process.  We know what you want and have built a company to meet those needs.
  2. Simplicity – We want you to spend your time building your business and serving your clients so we have streamlined processes on our end so you can focus on what you do best.
  3. Achieve your highest levels of success – By keeping most of your income and spending less time on the back-end you will have the opportunity to see your highest levels of success achieved.
  4. Work at your own pace – As long as you meet our simplified guidelines, no one at GreenKey Mortgage is looking over your shoulder.  Be your own boss!
  5. Keep YOUR money! – GreenKey Mortgage collects some of the lowest fees in the industry AND partners with vendors of all types to reduce your outside costs so YOU get to keep your rewards while we take the risks.