Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most commonly asked question regarding branch applications and approvals.

What is an “Origination Partner”?

An Origination Partner is a licensed loan originator and independent contractor approved to work under GreenKey’s broker/banker platform.

How do I become an Origination partner?

We can get you signed up as an Originating Partner once you complete an application and sign our Independent Contractor agreement.

Why should I join GreenKey Mortgage?

Becoming a GreenKey Originating Partner is the best branch opportunity for Loan Originators that bring in their own business. Our Originating Partners keep the majority of their commissions while operating and running their own businesses. GreenKey is founded by experienced loan officers who have developed successful net branch mortgage companies in the past. We know exactly what tools and resources our Originating Partners need to be successful. We offer the lowest fees in the industry with the best back-end support. If you can bring in your own business, there is no better place to be!

How long will it take for GreenKey Mortgage to review my application?

We review applications within 24-48 hours.

What information is required to apply to become an Origination Partner/Net Branch?

We just need you to complete a brief application and reference check.

Will I be an employee or an independent contractor?

Working through GreenKey’s branching platform you will be a 1099’d contractor unless regulations require otherwise.

What other benefits will I receive with GreenKey Mortgage?

As a GreenKey Origination Partner, you will have access to all the resources you need to be successful. You will have access to the best lenders, programs, and rates in the industry while being partner with a strong network of Loan Officers and Mortgage Professionals. For details on specific vendor discounts and program prices available to GreenKey’s Origination Partners please inquire within.

What are GreenKey Mortgage’s fees?

Contact GreenKey Mortgage at 949-294-6476 or for details.

Where is Greenkey Mortgage licensed?

GreenKey is currently licensed in California, Texas, Florida, and Hawaii. We will be expanding to additional states in the near future.

What if I want to do a loan in a state GreenKey Mortgage is not yet licensed?

You will not be able to do loans in states that we are not licensed in. However, we will certainly consider and work with our Originating Partners on securing licensing in states that meet our requirements and that there is an opportunity for them.

Do I need a broker’s license?

No, you need only your state NMLS requirements completed and, in California, you also need to be licensed by the California BRE.  We can help you with the easy licensing process if needed.

I have a corporation. Can I set up my corporation with GreenKey and get paid through it?

Yes, GreenKey can pay your corporation directly once the appropriate paperwork has been completed.

Who processes the loans?

GreenKey has a list of approved processors but we do allow Originating Partners to bring in their own processing team and, on a case-by-case basis, self-process.

I want to hire more loan officers. How does that work?

As a Branch Manager, you will be able to hire Loan Officers under you and contract with them individually. As a Branch Manager, you can determine your own terms and percentages of all deals going through your branch.

Does GreenKey Mortgage enforce a minimum loan amount?

No, however some of our investors do have minimum loan amount requirements.

What set up fees will I have to pay to get started?

Contact GreenKey Mortgage at 949-294-6476 or for details.

Does Greenkey Mortgage provide any training?

Contact GreenKey Mortgage at 949-294-6476 or for details.

Can I advertise and get my own leads?

Yes, we recommend all Originators get out there, find their own niche, and advertise! All advertising does need to be approved through the corporate office. We have members-only relationships with several mortgage website creators and marketing firms who provide discounted programs priced specially for GreenKey Origination Partners.

What lenders can I use?

GreenKey Mortgage Originating Partners have access to the mortgage industry’s premier proprietary intranet platform, Virtual Solved. The site has life, up-to-date details relating to our lending partners, rates, and contact information as well as usernames and passwords.

If there is a lender I want to use and GreenKey is not approved with them what should I do?

Let us know and we will get approved with them. We want our Originating Partners to have access to all programs the industry has to offer.

Do I need to do all of my business (answer my phone, create business cards, letterhead, etc.) as GreenKey Mortgage?

Contact GreenKey Mortgage at 949-294-6476 or for details.


Credit reports are run through Calyx Point and billed individually. Discounted partner rates are available to our Originating Partners. Contact GreenKey Mortgage at 949-294-6476 or for details.

Does GreenKey mortgage sell real estate?

Contact GreenKey Mortgage at 949-294-6476 or for details.

What address am I supposed to use?

Contact GreenKey Mortgage at 949-294-6476 or for details.

Can I do commercial loans with GreenKey Mortgage?
Yes, we want our Originators to be able to offer all types of loans including commercial loans. You can close commercial loans through any of our approved commercial lenders.
What address am I supposed to use?

Contact GreenKey Mortgage at 949-294-6476 or for details.

Can I do reverse mortgages with GreenKey Mortgage?

Yes, reverse mortgages are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the mortgage industry and we are approved with multiple reverse lenders for our Originating Partners to choose from.

Have more questions?  Call us and we will happily review them with you.